System Specifications

With its sleek design and value, PA550 brings a surprisingly full sound for small speakers.
With a total output of 20 watts, enjoy PA 550 sound with your laptop, PC and portable audio device.
This speaker system is engineered to the highest standards for an improved sound performance over most conventional computer speakers. It features Bass-Renu™,
conveniently placed volume/power controls and headphone jack giving you the most complete sound experience.
PA 550 engineered with the newest Bass-Renu™, a smartly designed passive, produces deeper bass and power.
• Total output power: 20 watts
• Driver dimension: 2 x 2 3/4 " ; 2 x Bass-Renu™ (40 x 70mm)
• Function: Power, Volume control, Headphone jack
• System Frequency Response : 80Hz to 20KHz
• Unit dimensions: W 3.25" x H 5.11" x D 1.4 (inch)
• Power Source: Switching AC 100-240 V DC 12V 2A